Jeffrey Lupient Provide an Introduction to the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show

Auto Shows have always been much looked forward by the communities in areas where they are held as these bring immense exposure and financial gains to the community as well as the organizations involved. These auto shows not only bring people from different places and promote tourism, they also increase awareness about the automotive trade and even promote careers in this industry.

In 2016, the Lupient Automotive Group threw a successful fundraiser that raised over $35,000 for the Minneapolis Parks Foundation and Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. Jeffrey Lupient is the CEO and President of the Lupient Automotive Group. He was also the 2018 GMADA Chair, and hence played a role in organizing the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show.

Jeffrey Lupient gives a general overview of the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show

The 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in the March of 2019. This auto show provided people of the area with a great opportunity to compare hundreds of vehicles from varied automobile brands without having to drive around the town. In fact, more than 600 vehicles from 36 foreign and domestic brands were showcased at the event.  

Vehicles in almost every category were seen at the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show, right from new age SUVs and luxury cars to multiple models of compacts and family sedans. The attendees of the event also got to check out a number of trucks that provided commendable mileage, utility and convenience, along with a range of luxury features. The attendees got the chance to learn about varied tech advancements in automobiles like in-dash navigation, audio enhancements, communication technology, and more.

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One of the best aspects of the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show was that the event was just not limited to checking out vehicles and their features. Rather, people also learnt about financing options and leasing availability there, which helped them to acquire the vehicles of their dreams.  Moreover, instead of simply dreaming about the experience, people actually got the chance to go behind the wheel of one of those sleek, shiny new sports cars at the Twin Cities Auto Show. People who wanted to drive the vehicle of their dreams at the Twin Cities Auto Show went to the Ride & Drive exhibit. This exhibit enabled the people to go behind the wheel and test drive the latest in automotive technology on the Minneapolis streets.

The 46th edition of the event had many activities that were meant to ensure that all the attendees were having fun, and make the experience memorable for them. These activities included Camp Jeep, The Neighborhood, Crime-Fighting Cars, and more.

No matter whether one had plans to buy a new car or a truck, the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show was the perfect place where people of Minneapolis got the chance to find the perfect vehicle for their needs. Auto enthusiasts especially got an amazing opportunity to see in person the vehicles they had always heard and read about.

The 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show was a production of the Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association (GMADA). GMADA is an organization consisting of more than a hundred new car and truck franchised dealers in the Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area. The 2018 GMADA Chair was Jeffrey Lupient of Lupient Automotive Group, and his leadership was instrumental in organizing the event.

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